Poster Presentation: General

All papers accepted as short papers can be presented as posters at the conference in the poster session, thursday June 10. The posters can naturally be pinned up earlier. As different from earlier symposia, however, we remind authors that their short papers will be part of the proceedings in their full version, and thus also published on the web before the conference in the official layout of the 7th International Space Syntax Symposium. This gives you more freedom in how to layout your poster.

Poster Presentation: Formatting Guidelines

1. Posters should be made in Standing A1 format (23,4*33,1 inches; 69,4*84,1cm). The allocated space for each poster will follow this format.

2. When formatting the poster, remember the full version of the paper is in the proceedings and on the web.

3. Posters should not have large titles or author information, although this may be included on the poster if the author wishes. Instead, Poster authors should contact the organising committee and confirm they will present the poster, after which the organisers will provide a title strip with the paper title, author name(s), reference number and sss7 logo. This strip will also mark where each poster should be pinned up and function as the title/heading.

3. It is recommended that the author(s) use the conference typefaces:

- The main typeface of the conference proceedings is HelveticaNeue.

- Replacement typeface (many PCs do not have HelveticaNeue) is Swiss721 Lt BT for standard text, and Swiss721 BT for headings.

- If these typefaces are not available it is advised to use any sans-serif (Arial, Verdana, Helvetica) rather than a serif.

- Three heading levels are used in the proceedings: main headings somewhat larger than standart text and bold, secondary headings the same size as standard text and bold. Tertiary headings are in plain text. This should be considered as purely optional to follow.

4. The conference uses the Chicago Author-Date reference system. It is strongly advised the posters do the same. This means references in parantheses with author and publishing year. Specific instructions with examples for most any possible reference type can be found here:  Note that you use the formats of T and R at each example. N and B is for the Chicago Endnote system.

6. Posters should be brought in printed format, there will be no arrangement for printing A1 posters at the conference. If the author wishes to print the poster in Sweden, the organisers can recommend printing services in Central Stockholm.

7. Colour may differ between printing services, but for those wishing to tie in to the conference profile green, the webpage uses the colour-code #65bc46 and in the coming digital papers the colour used is 100% green.

Further information

For questions please contact the conference organising committee at