8 June: Public Event

The symposium will start with a special event, a half-day public seminar for both symposium participants and practitioners in the field, focusing on the importance of space syntax for architectural practice in Kulturhuset in Stockholm.

Space syntax as a field of research has an unusual strong relation to practice and over the years knowledge produced in the field has not only proven possible to apply in architectural practice but generated a special architectural competence. Several commercial offices around the world, such as Space Syntax Limited in London and Spacescape in Stockholm, have been able to establish themselves as trusted consultants applying space syntax generated knowledge in real architectural and planning projects.

The event will start with presentations on Architectural Knowledge now and in the future by Bill Hillier (Unicersity College London) and Bjarke Ingels (BIG), followed by a discussion complex architecture projects by Spencer De Grey (Foster+Partners) and Ellen Hellsten (Ghilardi+Hellsten), then moving on to a space syntax and architectural practice with Tim Stonor (Space Syntax Ltd) and Alexander Ståhle (SpaceScape). Following this is a debate, after which then the bar is opened.

The day is set in the wider context of a discussion on architectural knowledge in the future. What will be asked of architects in twenty years time, how will architects keep and develop their credibility in future competition, what will be decisive for future competitive architecture. Cutting edge examples from practice will be presented as well as reflections on the subject from invited guests.

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