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Please note that paper submission is closed, and the below information is for reference. Submission links are dead.

For Authors:
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Submission guidelines (reference)

The Organising Committee of the 7th International Space Syntax Symposium welcomes the submission of original contributions for presentation at the Congress. Papers should be submitted electronically through this web page no later than 2 February 2008. Papers received after this date will not be considered. You will not be able to register papers unless you have the abstract submitted. Papers will be considered only if they are not published or submitted for presentation elsewhere.

Furthermore, as the proceedings will come in the format of a printed book of abstracts with an attached CD with all papers, short and long, in digital format, please make sure your abstract holds the quality to fit for such a procedure.


- Monday 2 February 2009: Last date for paper submission

- Wednesday 1 April 2009: Announcement of accepted papers

- Monday 1 June 2009: Papers available on web-site

- Monday - Thursday 8-11 June 2009: Symposium

Instructions to Authors


Papers are submitted using your personal page, which was created when the abstract was submitted. Access your personal pageby entering your unique user ID and password (indicated in your abstract confirmation email) in the appearing window. Click on your abstract title to enter the Paper submission. The paper submission is made in 4 steps:

- Step 1 - Check or change the personal details. Press next to proceed.

- Step 2 – Write your paper text in the appropriate box. Reference list and images should be saved in one word document and uploaded by pressing the “Attach” button. When you have entered you paper text in the box and attached your reference list/images, press next to proceed.

- Step 3 - Check (and change if necessary) your author list. Press next to proceed.

- Step 4 - Submission overview. Press the “Finish” button to complete your Paper submission.

After submission, an acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to email address stated under Step 1. If you do not receive the email within 24 hours, your submission was not completed and needs to be re-submitted. The corresponding author will receive ALL correspondence concerning the paper and is responsible for informing the co-authors.

Click here for your Personal Page

Referee Process and Outcome

All papers will be refereed, and all accepted papers will be published in the proceedings (consisting of printed publication of abstracts and a CD with all the papers). The short papers will be presented in a poster session at the Symposium whereas long papers will be having presentation sessions as common for the Space Syntax Symposia. Short papers must therefore be submitted for proceeding publication as well via the paper submission interface, and not only brought as posters.

Once refereed, long papers can be: accepted, accepted with changes, accepted as short papers (does not require a new referee round) or rejected. Short papers can be: accepted, accepted with changes, or rejected. If changes are of heavy nature, a second referee round might be expected.

For the referee work to flow as smoothly as possible, we would like you to keep in mind what symposium theme you consider your paper to best fit into.

Further Instructions for Paper Authors

Further instructions for the writing and submitting of papers will be available in the application interface, but:

- Long papers are expected to be a maximum of ~30000 characters

- Short papers are expected to be a maximum of ~12000 characters

- The reference system used will be Chicago Author-Date, as can be found on

- Placement of figures or tables should be indicated in the text by exact reference to their label in the caption, and should be labelled as FIGURE1, FIGURE2 or TABLE1, TABLE2 only.

- The List of References is to be submitted separately, together with figures and captions, in one word document. All figures, their captions, and the list of references must be submitted in this one attached word document.

- Each figure should be with its label and caption written directly underneath it.

- The Paranthesis references in the text are included in the count of allowed characters, as are the references to figures (as a result, the number of characters has been expanded slightly).

- You may have a maximum of eight figures in a long paper, and four figures in a short paper.

- If you are unsure of how to use the formatting, use only plain (unformatted) text and number the headings appropriately, leaving a single empty line before and after.

- The organizing committee will not actively be proof-reading the papers, we therefore urge you to make sure your papers are readable, using correct language, and are correctly spelled when they are submitted.

The Organizing Committee

7th International Space Syntax Symposium in Stockholm June 8-11, 2009

For submission support please contact the Congress secretariat at

For other questions please contact the conference organising committee at