Paper Presentations: General

Long Papers will be presented Orally in parallel sessions with three or four papers each. Each presentation should be a maximum of 15 minutes long, with a pair of minutes for direct questions included. Discussions will be held after all papers of the session have been presented and lead by the session chair. Short papers are presented as posters.

Paper Presentation Guidelines

1. Paper Presentations should be in PowerPoint or PDF format. If in PowerPoint They should be in the .ppt (PowerPoint 1997-2003) format. .pptx (PowerPoint 2007 and later) should not be used.

2. When formatting the presentation, remember the full version of the paper is in the proceedings and on the web.

3. The SSS7 Logotype, if the author wishes to use it, should be placed in the lower left corner.

4. It is recommended that the author(s) use the conference typefaces:

- The Replacement typeface to be used on PCs is Swiss721 Lt BT for standard text, and Swiss721 BT for headings. For PDF-files you can use the original main typeface of the conference proceedings: HelveticaNeue.

- If these typefaces are not available it is advised to use any sans-serif (Arial, Verdana, Helvetica) rather than a serif.

5. There are two ways to bring the presentation:

- You can bring it on an USB Stick.

- You can bring it on a CD.

Do not use DVDs or other formats other than the above. These should be handed to the organisers in the break before in the room assigned for the session well in advance. All presentations should be on the computer when the session is scheduled to begin.

6. All files should be in a format supported by a PC running Windows XP. Use of own computers will be allowed only in rare exceptions and you should notify the organising committee in advance, also stating why you need to use your own computer.- If these typefaces are not available it is advised to use any sans-serif (Arial, Verdana, Helvetica) rather than a serif.

7. If the Powerpoint contains moving images or interactive elements, these should be brought as separate files as well. Do not depend on PowerPoint to support moving or interactive elements.

8. The conference uses the Chicago Author-Date reference system. It is strongly advised the posters do the same. This means references in parantheses with author and publishing year. Specific instructions with examples for most any possible reference type can be found here:  Note that you use the formats of T and R at each example. N and B is for the Chicago Endnote system.

9. The conference profile green on the webpage uses the colour-code #65bc46 and in the coming digital papers the colour used is 100% green.

Further information

For questions please contact the conference organising committee at