07 Urban Structures and Spatial Distribution
Long Papers

Residential Property Value Patterns in London 
Space Syntax spatial Analysis
Alain Chiaradia; Bill Hillier; Yolandes Barnes; Christian Schwander

Spatial Centrality, Economic Vitality/Viability
Compositional and Spatial Effects in Greater London
Alain Chiaradia; Bill Hillier; Christian Schwander1; Martin Wedderburn

The Medieval Urban ’Movement Economy’
Using Space Syntax in the Study of Medieval Towns as Exemplified by the Town of
’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands
Marlous Craane

The Analysis of Urban Features That Affect Land Values In Residential Areas
Topcu, Mehmet; Kubat, Ayse Sema

Benign or Exploitative and Space
The Changing Pattern of Shopping Development in a Rapidly Developing City Dhaka
Nasreen Hossain

A Syntactic Analysis of Recent Changes in CBD of Balikesir, Turkey
Yasemin Ince Guney; Ayse Sema Kubat; Ozlem Ozer; Hatice Ucar

The Effect of Spatial Configuration and Land Use Pattern on Land Price Formation
In Hea Lee; Young Ook Kim

Measuring the Degree of Street Vitality in Excavated Towns
How can Macro and Micro Spatial Analyses Tools Contribute to Under­standings on the Spatial Organization of Urban Life in Pompeii?
Akkelies van Nes

Space Configuration and Movement Pattern of Chinese Traditional Settlement
A case study of Wangkou Wuyuan County
Haofeng Wang

The Spatial Signature of Suburban ’Active’ Centres
Laura Vaughan; Kate (Catherine) Jones; Sam Griffiths; Mordechai (Muki) Haklay

Short Papers

Evolution and Change in Street-use
A Functional and Mophological Analysis of City Corridors in Eastern Java
Endang Titi Sunarti Darjosanjoto

Urban Form and Urban Capital
How spatial capital creates, attracts and enhances social and human capital in regional growth
Björn Fallström; Lars Marcus; Patrik Ström

Configurational Comparison of City Center Shopping District and Shopping Mall,
with Observation of Shop Locations
Yusuke Kuribayashi; Tatsuya Kishimoto

Natural Movement Versus Land Value
An analysis of the relationship between spatial integration and land value in an Asian city
Wen-Chieh (Jeffrey) Wang; Hong-Wei Tsai

The Effect of Transportation System in Suleymaniye on Abandonment
Insigts for Urban Integration
Ahmet Verdil; Alper Ünlü