06 Urban Territoriality and Private and Public Space
Long Papers

Visibility and Spatial Use in Urban Plazas
A Case Study from Biskra, Algeria
Yassine Bada; Yasemin Ince Guney

A Square or a Bridge?
The Eleftheria Square Case
Nadia Charalambous; Christos Hadjichristos

Evaluating the Campus-Downtown Relationship
The Spatial Configura­tion of Four College Towns in Small Metropolitan Regions in the United States
Adhya, Anirban

The Efficient Use of Private on Open Space through a Correlation Analysis between Space Type and Street
-Focu­sing on Local St. at Yoido Capital St.
Hee Hyoun Hwang; Young Ook Kim; Heang Woo Shin

Tower Place Drive
A Private Road
Peng Jiang; John Peponis

Difference of Place Vitality in Two Central Plazas
A Comparison of the Diag on the Central Campus and the Lurie Bell Tower Plaza on the North Campus of the University of Michigan
Youngchul Kim

Two Stages and just one Open-air Market
A Morphological Study on the Open-air Market of Caruaru (Brazil) in the Space of the Town in 1992 and in 2007
Gustavo Miranda

Revisiting Public-private Gradients in Neighborhoods
Towards a ’Space of Action’
Stephen Read

The Heart and the Dragon
Investigating effects of two projects on the old town centre of Fortaleza
Edja Trigueiro; Fernanda Paula

An Analysis of Pedestrian Movement in Multilevel Complex by Space Syntax Theory
In the Case of Shibuya Station
Jumpei Ueno; Aya Nakazawa; Tatsuya Kishimoto

Short Papers

Making an Urban Oasis
The use of Space Syntax in Assessing Dhanmondi Lake Revitalization Project in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Nasreen Hossain; Ishtiaque Zahir; Poddar Apurba

Defining Salient Elements of Environment and Memory
Subjective and Objective Landmarks in Ayvalik, Turkey
Emine Koseoglu; Deniz Erinsel Onder