Thematic Seminars

At the thematic seminars central themes in space syntax are given a platform for deeper discussion and reflection. Academics from related fields with knowledge of space syntax are invited to contribute to these sessions. As preparation for the seminars they will write a paper on space syntax and its relation to their own field, accessible at the web site before the symposium start. There will also be invited speakers from outside the space syntax community and speakers from within. There are four such seminars followed by two panel debates, follow roughly follow two lines of inquiry: Urban and Architectural analysis respectively. Or: Cities and Buildings.

Track I: Urbanity

Thematic seminar U1: Accessibility Measures in Space Syntax

Many of the analyses in space syntax, especially the very central integration analysis, come close to what in other disciplines is called accessibility analysis. But does that mean it is the same thing, Is integration another word for accessibility?

- Coordinator: Alexander Ståhle, School of Architecture, KTH.
- Coordination partner: LG Mattsson, Professor in Traffic Planning, KTH.
- Invited speaker: Mike Batty, Professor in Planning, UCL.
- Space Syntax discussant: Noah Raford, MIT.

I02: Notes on Accessibility: In Search of a Unified Theory
Michael Batty

I04: Place, Space Syntax and attraction-accessibility
Anders Karlström (with Lars-Göran Mattsson)

Further preparatory reading: Profiling land use location with space syntax
Alain Chiaradia, Christian Schwander and Dominic Honeysett

Thematic seminar U2: What is spatial in social segregation?

A central field of debate and research in contemporary sociology is the field of social segregation. Segregation is on a fundamental level a spatial concept, but what is really spatial in social segregation?

 - Coordinator: Ann Legeby, School of Architecture, KTH.
- Coordination partner: Mats Franzén, Professor in Sociology, University of Uppsala.
- Invited speaker: Martina Löw, Professor in Sociology, Technische Universität Darmstadt.
- Space Syntax Discussant: Laura Vaughan, UCL.

I03: The Intrinsic Logic of Cities
Martina Löw

I05: Matters of Urban Segregation
Mats Franzén

Further preparatory reading: The spatial syntax of urban segregation
Laura Vaughan

Track II: Architecture

Thematic seminar A1: Are offices spatial or social organisations?

Offices are atypical example where there is a very unclear distinction between a building and the use of a building in general discourse, so are offices primarily spatial or social organizations?

- Coordinator: Jesper Steen, School of Architecture, KTH.
- Coordination partner: Christofer Edling, Jacobs University, Bremen.
- Invited speaker: Joyce Bromberg, Steelcase, USA.
- Space Syntax Discussant: John Peponis, Georgia Tech

I01: A Note on Social Networks and Physical Space
Christopher Edling

Further preparatory reading: Structure, Agency and Space in the Emergence of Organisational Culture
Alan Penn, Maximo Martinez, Maia Lemlij

Further preparatory reading: Designing Space to Support Knowledge Work
John Peponis, Ritu Bajaj, Joyce Bromberg, Christine Congdon, Mahbub Rashid, Susan Warmels, Yan Zhang and Craig Zimring

Thematic seminar A2: The Building in the Urban Fabric - Space Syntax in Practice

How do buildings work in relation to the urban fabric; how do they affect their surroundings, and how do the surroundings affect them? Space Syntax Practice offer insights and suggest questions for research to develop.

- Coordinator: Kayvan Karimi, Space Syntax Limited, London
- Coordination partner Daniel Koch, School of Architecture, KTH